Monday, February 14, 2011

Dream a little (lucid) dream

The New Scientist, June 12, 2010, says you can make yourself have a lucid dream—maybe.

Lucid dreams are now an altered dream state in which you know you are dreaming but still dream unlikely things. I meet people I have never seen—clear as day. You can control the dream—make yourself wake up by jumping into water or something.

The key, they think is to ask yourself all day if you are dreaming now—and then maybe at night, you will also ask yourself this and get a lucid dream or enter that state.

I don’t know—maybe I dreamed that instruction.

I remember dreams I had as a kid—in one the big roses on my grandmother’s wallpaper looked like burglars in black eye masks—remember those in cartoons in those days? I was scared to death!

If you focus on one thing all day—like a computer game—you are more likely to have a lucid dream.

Another way to have one is to wake yourself an hour early, tell yourself to have one, and go back to sleep. I do have vivid dreams toward morning.

Adolescence is the peak of our dream life. Too late. Well, drat.

The lucid dream I hate is when I wake up, am awake, sit up, and waking up was a dream. The monsters can come back…that’s bad. Once, I thought I was all ready for work, dressed, breakfast, but had to do it all over. That was also bad.

Also I type a lot in my dreams. Jeez, I can’t catch a break.

By the way, did you know kids most often dream of animals? No one knows why. Maybe they like them.

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