Thursday, February 17, 2011

Is your hubs crabby--or hormonal?

Supposedly, there is such a thing as male menopause—low testosterone.

Ever heard that commercial for “Low T,” that is pharmco cutespeak for low testosterone.

You know—in case you are too stupid to know that. These people!

Anyhow, while women undergo a big falloff in estrogen at menopause, men tend to lose “T” a few percentage pts a month from age 30 on.

Still, this gets blamed for irritability, erectile dysfunction, and low energy. Some men think they may need some big old drug.

For one thing--too much testosterone can also be bad. Look at wars.

If your mate or someone you know is really undergoing a big personality and energy change, maybe a blood test for testosterone might be worth a throw.

Antidepressants, exercise and diet changes could work as well as an expensive trip to the pharmacy, though.

More to the point—what about these lame names for things? I also saw an ad for atrial fibrillation (which I have) with a pop-up book with a paper blood clot heading for a paper brain. Come on—what are we, five?

I need a chill pill.

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