Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Piloxing--I thought you knew what it was

Rose Apodaca, Harpers Bazaar, says Pilates and boxing have mated and produced a new exercise—piloxing.

This was invented by Viveca Jensen, a “sunny, sparkling Swedish woman.”

She started on Pilates and became a certified instructor—but she also had loved boxing since she was 18. Quite a combo. Apparently Joseph Pilates also boxed.

Rose says it’s Bob Fosse mixed with Muhammed Ali.

She puffs through the sunny sparkling routines—until actress Kirsten Dunst slinks out, defeated.

Viveca keeps shouting her mantra, “Sleek, sexy, powerful!”

Naturally, this story ends with Rose slipping back into her pencil skirts and even having a glass of vino.

I would like to powerfully drink some wine. That sounds OK.

Go to for more info.

I get the idea that this is sort of Cage Zumba. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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