Friday, February 18, 2011


A friend ( recently posted on a scary car accident her daughter and the daughter’s boyfriend had.

Sue Shellenbarger recently wrote about teen accidents in the WSJ, Feb 15, 2011.

Why should you care? A third of those killed by teen drivers are not in the teen’s car.

Thirty percent of teen-caused fatalities are cyclists, pedestrians, or people in other involved cars.

Half a million people were involved in an accident involving a teen last year.

Teen fatalities actually have been dropping since tougher teen laws came in in the mid-1990s. These laws involve many more hours of supervised practice than before.

Still, almost a fourth of teen deaths are caused by car accidents.

Teens talk on the phone and text—even while driving and even while this is prohibited by state laws.

And their reflexes and sense memory is not as set in to protect them from sudden mishaps.

Bad combo.

In past years, Daddy may have taken the T-Bird away. Maybe now, it should be the cell.

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Yocheved said...

I read Angie's account of the accident. WOW. All that pain & suffering over a driver texting messages instead of focusing on his steering wheel. Seeing cell phones in a driver's hand should warrant immediate arrest, points and rehab.