Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ah--a nice cure for pollution, sort of

Gwendolyn Bounds, WSJ, Mar 15, 2011, says scientists have found that some houseplants clean the air.

I have known this for decades, but I am not a scientist.

Now there is “global research” saying plants can reduce dust and benzene in the air, among other things.

Plus—they are cheap—get one and you can maybe root others off it. I used to have fantastic African violets by rooting—it took almost six months for the roots to appear, but then you were in business.

People spend 90% of their time inside, where pollutants are two to five times higher.

The EPA is not going for it, though. They say there is not sufficient evidence….difficulty quantifying results, etc etc.

Still, someone has come up with the idea that six or more plants per 1200-1500 square feet is helpful.

You could spend a ton getting your air tested. Or parsing all the stats. Or just get some plants—what’s the harm?

Well, maybe those little gnat things. I hate those!

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Star Lawrence said...

Plants recommended in story:
English ivy
Mother-in-law's tongue
Weeping fig
Peace lily
Devil's ivy
Flamingo flower
Janet Craig
Asparagus fern

Janet Craig?
I just report.