Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The country's gone south when....

...Advice on curing insomnia is in the real estate section of the paper. But yup—Arizona Republic, Mar 20, 2011—there it was.

Ellen James Martin says real estate stress can destroy sleep.

She uses phrases like “the fear factor around real estate.”

The ones finding it hardest to sleep are those who were foreclosed or transferred (and can’t sell and may have two payments).

Ten percent of adults experience sleep problems. If you are one of them, don’t jump right into meds as a permanent solution.

Instead give yourself a buffer period to get tired. Avoid work during this time, no arguing, no confrontations. Read, watch a calm movie.

Try to keep electronics out of the bedroom. This includes TV.

Losing your house, for instance, is very upsetting. Maybe you even need talk therapy to sort through the emotions.

I have never been a good sleeper. Sometimes I take a melatonin—a hormone to induce sleepiness. Sometimes it even works.

I also things I list in my mind. Everything that’s a blue color…larkspur, ocean, sky, eyes, etc… Or the names of everyone in a situation—when I was in my first year of college…let’s see… Sharon, Eddie Chris, Larry Somebody, the guy Eddie Chris called Wretch…

You probably have your own tricks. But you can have Wretch if you want. Feel free.

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