Friday, March 25, 2011

Discount beauty and health

I know, I know—students have to learn somehow and many of us are broke now and can’t afford dental or hair work.

I know people who have had dental work done at dental schools at a discount—their worst complaints was long waits.

Sue Doerfler, writing in the AZ Republic, Mar 24, 2011, quotes an educator as saying this is a win-win.

Hey, maybe it is! We have to catch a break sometime, right?

Some people get weekly massages from students for $25. Not bad.

A woman who went to Carrington Dental School said she had never had such a thorough cleaning.

Another place is a butcher school—meat at a discount.

Beauty schools also provide discounts. At one a cut and shamp was five bucks. I have had my hair fried and gotten bad cuts that I paid full price for. I lived.

An acupuncture center has “happy hour” rates. Cute!

This all sounds OK, as a matter of fact.

The NYT Well Blog recently talked about a study that showed hospitals that let residents and interns take over surgeries had decent outcomes. Now—on that—I might ask a ton of questions.

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