Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Don't slam in potassium iodide pills, people

Nothing like a nuclear meltdown to get people heading for the health food store.

Well, near meltdown…release of junk…whatever it is.

Rep Edward Markey is hyped up urging the WH to provide potassium iodide pills to Americans within 20 miles of American nuclear plants (there are 104 of those, hello).

At present, people with 10 miles are given the pills—IN CASE OF EMERGENCY.

Japan has distributed 230,000 units (maybe more) to those near their damaged plants.

The idea is to take this in advance and it will keep radiation from getting into the thyroid gland.

But authorities say no, don’t take them right away…You should be in contact with radiation…There should be a reason. Authorities! You know how THEY are.

Some brands are already sold out here in the US. Hope you don’t mind getting a goiter, slowing your thyroid and getting fat, or how about acne or a severe allergic reaction that closes your throat?


Simply Ridiculous said...

People have to use their common sense.. When we actually bombarded japan with nukes, how much of that radiation rrached the US??

Star Lawrence said...

I was an infant...but they did irradiate my thyroid on Day One in the nursery bec I had trouble breathing. No bomb yet, no fallout research of info, just irradiated a baby. Now I am considered a thyroid time bomb--though I have not gone off yet.

Star Lawrence said...

People are already getting sick.