Thursday, March 03, 2011

Even little kids can learn first aid

A Norwegian study on 4- and 5-year-olds published in the J of Trauma, Resuscitation, and Emergency Medicine shows young children can learn to save a life.

Preschool kids in Bergen, Norway, were taught to use the Five Finger Rule:
Look at the person
Talk to them
Touch them and try to wake them up
Call emergency services
Stay and comfort them

The children also learned to put each other in the head-back recovery position and keep the airway open.

Two months later, the children could tell if a person was unconscious or asleep and whether the person was breathing. They also remembered the emergency number and could give a location.

First aid could be started in kindergarten and picked up and reinforced as the children grew older.

I have heard amazing 911 calls from little kids being very businesslike and consulting first the sick person, then the operator, and being very self-possessed. One little 4-yr-old girl said, “We are still in our jammies—I am going to get some jeans on now.”

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