Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gluten was her Kryptonite

Celine Hacche, AZ Republic, Mar 30, 2011, says she is allergic to gluten, a protein in wheat and some other (but not all) grains.

It can make you twist with stomach pains, swell, get the runs, and generally feel miserable.

Hacche is a foodie, though—she didn’t feel like giving up pizza, bread, beer, and other favorites.

She struggled with long conversations about substitutions with wait staff. She ate eggs without toast and five mins later was starving.

She tried gluten-free dough—ick, not like the real thing.

Then, gluten became popular—or not eating it did.

Trader Joe’s stepped up. She found gluten-free beer! Try Green’s, she says.

San J tamari soy suace—yum.

Brown rice pasta is good—wash it off after cooking, it’s starchy.

Learn which sauces use gluten as a thickener.

Mexican food is pretty safe. Trader Joe’s brown rice tortillas can work as “toast.”

Sushi is OK—bring your own soy sauce, though.

For crispy chicken or fish—dip in egg and dredge through polenta.

The breads and pizza crusts? Still a problem. It's a journey.

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Star Lawrence said...

If you get the Costco Connection mag, I have a story on p 47 of the April edition.