Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy, happy--bleh

Do you know people who are bubbly all the time? To them, I say, lighten up on the caffeine—we are on a blighted rock whirling through black space and destined to live only a wink of time—why are you so damn thrilled?

Aw—I am not that bad (shut up, some of you).

Anyhow, Shirley Wang writes about this in the WSJ, Mar 15, 2011, some researchers have found that the type of well-being that comes from meaningful activity is better for you than just warm fuzzies, affirmations, or sappy TV shows.

This comes from a field called “happiness research” or “positive psychology.”

You feel better if you have a sense of purpose. Well, it makes sense. The meaning of life is a life of meaning. That sort of thing. Stay away from the “hedonic” thing. (Hedonism costs money, anyway, which can lead only to an unhappy thought.)

Apparently finding a purpose, even though it may be tough in the doing and not exactly a laff riot, changes your metabolism.

It can make you live longer, get sick or senile later or maybe never.

Still, the docs say, if you feel stressed to always feel not stressed, this can negate the good stuff.

Jeez, who cannot feel stressed reading that? Never mind.

Wait--that made me feel a little happy. Who knew?

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