Thursday, March 10, 2011

One Medical--boutique to beat

Don’t read this if your heart can’t take it. It’s about a medical practice—now in San Francisco and New York—that works the way we keep thinking doctors should work.

For this you pay $149 a year, plus $150 a visit for the first visit, then $100 for succeeding ones. They also accept insurance for when things get spendy.

You don’t wait—the doctors are on time.

You renew prescriptions online.

Full access to doctors for advice and referrals—not snips in the office.

Plus they are integrative, open minded about therapies.

For details go to

Still—only in two cities…wah.

Medical care in Arizona has been…shall we say, unique? I have had a doctor offer to pray with me. I had an eye surgeon where the wait was always more than three hours. We told him he needed to put in a bar. He did not smile.

Also—I can no longer see out of my right eye.

ER visits last all day—pack a lunch, maybe dinner, too.

Oh, well…when I am long gone, this patient-oriented stuff will probably make it out here.

They will say…aw, Star would have loved this.

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