Tuesday, March 22, 2011

So lucky--I am not a headachy person

I give them, not receive. So far, anyhow. I never say never on misery.

Melinda Beck, WSJ, Mar 22, 2011, writes about people who suffer from a headache almost daily. Tension headaches—that squeezy one.

About 40% of people get them, but they are the least studied. Migraines tend to get all the glory.

Most people treat their tension headaches with OTC meds. The problem is that using these things more than 10 days a month can cause headaches!

They are not sure what causes the tension type headaches—maybe clenched neck muscles—well, they tested that and maybe not.

Maybe mental—stress? Well, plenty of people with plenty of stress do not get them.

Now the theory is that people who get these are oversensitized to pain.

People who suffer from depression often get them, too—though they may be depressed because they get them. Some older anti-depressants, tricyclics, in low doses have been known to help. They have side efx, though, such as drowsiness and low BP.

Early morning is a time to get these—maybe from bad sleep, the docs say. Or late afternoon after staring into a computer. Skipping lunch can be bad. Drinking a lot of caffeine can be bad.

Biofeedback, acupuncture are other approaches.


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