Monday, March 14, 2011

Yeah, guys, time to catch up

Men are so cool. They don’t need moisturizer. They look BETTER as they age…


What about those scraggly gray beards, guys? Not working for ya! Don’t you have mirrors? And by not shaving you are not exfoliating.

Sameer Reddy, WSJm Mar 12013, 2011, was OK with aging until he hit…er…32.

Sameer used more products than most—having struggled with acne as a kid. Then he saw a…wait for it…


On came the La Mer, the Perricone, the anti-inflammtories, everything he could lay his insecure hands on.

No Vaseline, though—that’s my favorite. That Perricone stuff smells. La Mer and I have never had the pleasure.

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