Monday, April 11, 2011

Cheap shampoo--yes, cheap!

AOL linked to a writer named Whitney Wingerd writing about inexpensive shampoo.

Oh, I can hear you—this is my HAIR, I can’t use cheap stuff on it.

Sure, you can. We live in a world where every buck counts now.

Whitney first recommends Aveeno’s Living Color Preserving Shampoo for Fine Hair. About six bucks. She got it from

Herbal Essences (remember that gal in the commercial squirming in delight?) is still a winner. Under four bucks.

Dov’e Cool Moisture Shampoo also got good marks. Under five bucks.

Someone else liked Neutrogena’s Clean Replenishing Moisturizing Shampoo. Under $5.

Man, this stuff has long names.

Me, I like Suave—remember that—works great, smells good, it’s a buck, and it's one syllable.

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