Tuesday, April 26, 2011

CPAP or Provent

Laura Johannes, WSJ, Apr 19, 2011, says for those with sleep apnea who can’t use or don’t like the CPAP machine (like an elephant trunk strapped on), there is a new doohickey called Provent.

Apnea is when people stop breathing because their throat collapses in sleep. Keeping positive airway pressure through a pump can prevent it. That is the CPAP machine.

Many people say they sleep better and feel better with CPAP, but hate the bulky apparatus.

Now you could, if your doctor agrees, get a prescription for Provent, a much smaller device with a tiny valve that fits in your nostril and results in increased pressure in the airway. Sometimes, though, breathing out is difficult and people feel like they are suffocating.

Studies are incomplete, but this does not work as well as CPAP, although some people who can’t or won’t use the larger device may think it’s OK.

If you have severe apnea, stop breathing many times a night, or have high BP—you should stick with CPAP.

I think, anyhow.

No--I don't even play one on TV.

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