Thursday, April 14, 2011

Health insurance field morphing fast

Since the passage of Obamacare, things are whizzing along in Health Insurance World. The main parts don’t go into effect until 2014—when you have to buy insurance, but companies are getting waivers like mad, more than a thousand so far. Nope--not for us.

What will these employers be offering?

Insurance companies are already jacking rates—surely this will cost us, we better get ready.

True, companies already cannot cancel you when you get sick, but they can charge old people more, smokers, a range of vices.

Even when the Exchanges come in, they can charge “problem” customers more—fat, smoking, old, etc.

Out here AZ is considering a bill to let people buy from other states, but what if the other states allow companies not to pay for cancer drugs or maternity or other things? This bill would let those conditions travel to AZ, too.

You have to be alert, people…This is happening fast. Even if the bill gets to the Supreme Court and the court somehow rules the govt cannot make you buy private insurance, the whole field could be different than it is today.

Very different.

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