Friday, April 22, 2011

How about an Easter dog?

A man I know was saying the other day that he wanted to get rid of the family rabbit because it was chewing on his plants. Well, yeah…it’s what they kinda do.

We have so many four-leggers in here these days, what with our own three (two cats and a dog) and two spares being kept until a foreclosed acquaintance finds a new house, which so far has taken nine months…and counting.

But if you are thinking of getting an Easter chick or duckling—forget it. When I was a kid we had two ducklings grow up and wander the neighborhood annoying the neighbors with their loud yellow quacking beaks. Or else they die.

My sister took in a feral cat and some kittens and one kitten was deformed, which resulted in a large fee from the traveling vets. And tears.

I am a bundle of joy, aren't I?

Well, I do know a wonderful dachshund rescuer—and have some rescues in here--so I recommend going that route—the pound, a rescue.

But it costs. And those rescue people are picky, picky--it would be easier to get a human kid. One time I was asked if I could ever see myself giving the animal away. Well, let me check my Magik Eightball here--I would not WANT to, but I guess it could happen.

Just for your info--those giving away animals on Craigs are, for a very large part, insane.

And--remember—after every Easter Sunday…it’s Monday and the animal is still there.

Sure it will provide laughs, lower blood pressure, and exercise, but it also brings the whole drama…

Still, I would not trade mine. And wish I could afford more.

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