Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Remember Red Dye No 2?

Stephanie Gleason, WSJ,, Mar 29, 2011, says scientists are still trying to figure out if artificial food dyes make kids nuts.

This was going on when I was in my twenties!

Now, the FDA is at it again…reconsidering its earlier findings that artificial chemical dyes are harmless.

Now, they say dyes may be an issue—may be an issue—for kids with ADHD.

In other words, may make ADHD worse, but not cause it.

Of course, the food companies say this is nonsense. Kraft makes at least 100 products with dyes—including my beloved Kraft Dinner (Yellow 5 and Yellow 6).

Artificial dyes are cheap and make better colors in Kool-Aid and candy, to name two. Anyhow, it takes a lot of spinach to make one green M&M.

And so it continues.

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