Friday, April 01, 2011

Special doctoring for teens

Laura Lando, WSJ, Mar 29, 2011, says only about 650 docs are certified in adolescent medicine.

So some govt agencies and the American Academy of Pediatrics are trying to teach primaries to treat adolescents—with all their obesity, substance abuse, attitude, and mental health issues—not to mention blossoming sexuality, pregnancy, and STDs.

The kids are too fat, of course—aren’t we all. Kids also don’t like to talk to adults.

Often they don’t get preventive care for years at a time.

These docs are taught to ask kids about their interests and strengths—to say things like it must be hard not to drink when the other kids are.

Some kids respond to written questionnaires.

At least they are trying. I know one teen who went to an urgent care center for an STD and the doctor called her a big whore.

She cried. He could have used these courses.

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