Thursday, April 21, 2011

What nutritionists eat

Names have been left off so as not to embarrass the rich (I would hate to do that).

Marie Claire (May 2011) asked some celeb nutritionists for a day’s food diary. What THEY ate, not what they told their clients to eat.

One had water with grated ginger for breakfast, no lunch, and a watermelon, two cantaloupes, two bananas, and a veggie smoothie for dinner, chased by a 600-calorie box of macaroons. She said she enjoys nutrient-rich foods, but thinks we get our energy from air, sunlight, and clean water. She said it came to 1,779 calories.

Next! This gal is so afraid of processed food that she carries vegan protein powder to mix with greens, coconut water, or filtered water from her own filter (which she also brings). She also clocked in a 1,700 calories or so with kale juice for breakfast, and some organic cereal. For lunch she had as green salad and tea, and for a snack, 230 calories of dark chocolate. Dinner was wild salmon sashimi, green beans, and cod and before bed, chia seeds.

The next one scarfed 2,000 cals with a veggie smoothie for breakfast, raw salad for lunch, another salad for dinner, and 179 cals of dark chocolate.

Another woman was a size 8, and she ate Greek yogurt for breakfast with Grape-Nuts, tuna and greens for lunch, baby carrots all day, and chicken with olive oil for dinner. Another snack was honeydew. This came to 1,448 cals.

The biggest eater took in 2,396 calories, with oatmeal with nuts for breakfast, apple with almond butter for a snack, a brown rice tortilla for lunch, more Greek yogurt mid-afternoon, then halibut and veggie stir fry for dinner.

I am afraid my ramen with a biscuit lunch would not pass muster. Muster …mustard…hmmm, what’s for dinner?

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