Monday, April 25, 2011

You can visit--a new cat allergy vaccine is coming

Ann Lutkis, WSJ, Apr 19, 2011, says the docs have developed a new vaccine to desensitize people with cat allergies faster and more safely.

Good news for people I know—who can’t even enter my house with its two resident kitties (and two spares in the back, awaiting a new house for their owners).

About one person in 10 reacts to cats—and cats are a major trigger for kids’ asthma.

Right now treatment consists of weekly shots for a year or more, with severe reactions to the injections a possibility.

The new peptides are one-thousandth as reactive.

Sixty-six volunteers tried the stuff, another 22 got a placebo. The new vaccine, using skin responses, showed response was reduced by 40% in the vaccine group, 10% in the placebo group. Two vaccinated people and one placebo volunteer had mild asthma symptoms, but not severe enough for them to leave the study.

This is not available yet, but only four shots will be required. Cost and whether insurance will cover—unknown.

Stay tuned for the mews….er…news.

That cat in the picture...can't you hear him thinking, "What fresh hell is this, now people are coming over?"

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