Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Yuh-UM! Watermelon time

I am doing a story on watermelon. What a dandy fruit this is! Huge—or softball size,
seedy or seedless, nutritious, own carrying case, good with salty and sweet…it’s aces as a fruit.

I always remember that Mel Brooks line—“I would eat a rotten nectarine before the best peach in the world—nectarine, what a great name!” (OK, does not relate—but I remember it.)

Um..back to the Big Green. Go to www.watermelon.org for some wonderful recipes—including watermelon lasagna, salsa, cocktails, even watermelon sandwiches.

Remember the pickles? I think my grandmother’s sister made those.

You can also carve it like a pumpkin.

And roast the seeds.

Yup—watermelon is good. And the best part—it means SUMMER!

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