Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Ack! Sweat!

We have our dehydration issues out in the Sonoran Desert. You can have a large ice tea at lunch and then get weirded out crossing a black parking lot on foot right after. Dizzy, nauseated, confused.

Well, I am always confused, but you know what I mean.

A researcher at the Univ of Tenn, Dr Brendon McDermott, says some people are prone to heat problems. Some also lose more salt in their sweat than others.

You can calculate your sweat rate, if you want, by weighing yourself, exercising half an hour (no bathroom stops), and weighing again. Supposedly you need to do this at other temps, too.

Too hard!

OK, how about water…er, loss. Urine should be light yellow—lemonade, not apple juice.

Body size is not related—a thin person can lose a lot of water.

Don’t depend on thirst. Drink water before exerting, maybe during, then after. Don’t overdo it.

Thirst does not kick in until you are two percent dehydrated—enough to cause the weirds (my term, not the doc’s).

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