Thursday, May 26, 2011

Air--we like it

Out here Arizona way, ozone often piles up to kill us. I know I am short of breath sometimes—from a medication deal.

You can see how your city is doing air-wise at

Or you can breathe and see what happens to you.

One in five people live in cities with “lethal” levels of smog and particles.



But don’t go indoors—it could be worse in there. Formaldehyde, styrene, chloroform.

All you can do about this is not smoke inside.

Skip the air fresheners (not with my cat’s digestive tract). Also can the spray cleaners. I can’t spell them, but there are bad things in those. Maybe try wipes.

Open the windows—actually, old, leaky buildings are better than insulated tight ones—as far as air goes.

Use the exhaust fans.

Keep your furnace in good repair.

Wash all permanent press curtains and cloth before using.

If you remodel, choose low emission paints, sealants, adhesives, and other products.

Nails are probably OK.


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