Thursday, May 12, 2011

Another post on sweat--am I looping?

Laura Johannes, WSJ, May 11, 2011, goes into this hot subject again. We need to sweat to live—some people live to sweat—but it can present some appearance and olfactory issues.

About 3% of us sweat up a storm—called hyperhidrosis. Big-time underarm action.

Surgery can be performed to remove the offending glands. But that is a last resort.

First try an antiperspirant. Nope? Then try a clinical one (twice the price). Then try a prescription one, such as Drysol.

Some prescription meds such as Robinul, anti-ulcer med, can help, but can constipate.

If you have a big presentation, maybe a beta blocker—but these can slow your heart so much you go duuuh. So try ahead of time. Also you don’t want to get woozy.

Botox is also used in the underarm area. Ten to 20 injections! It takes a while to cut in and only lasts 6 mos. Oh—and break your piggybank and get out a thou.

Herbal remedies are another approach. One is belladonna—a poison. Proceed carefully.

If you can wait out the summer, MiraDry has been cleared by the FDA and will be available in the fall. It’s a handheld dealie that microwaves sweat glands.

Does that sound a little drastic to anyone?

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