Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Are we too morbid?

I stay away from politics on my two sites (the other is about how to cope with the recession,, but let’s just say I am a former Dem.

Now we are debating whether pix of a person shot in the face should be plastered everywhere.

Well, why not—we saw Saddam’s sons slabbed out. We saw Daniel Pearl’s head sawed off. We see pix of headless cartel victims. We see the heads. Autopsy photos are all over the net.

We see hollowed out murder victims (the canoe) on dramatic shows, CSI, Bones, NCIS, etc., every night. People chat over their organless cavities.

We see shots of crime scenes complete with pools of brown dried blood…on and on. We can even blast people to bits—Grand Theft Auto, Tour of Duty.

I read crime books. I was a crime survivor. I have had a loaded gun against my head. Is all this to ward off the horror, to decondition ourselves…but can this have a dark side, this deconditioning? Can we be hardened, ghoulish, soul-sick?

Just wondering.


Star Lawrence said...

I have shot guns. I have had loaded guns held on me for hours--threatened with death. The other day I was wondering what percentage of the population in war, peace, murder, self-defense, accident, has shot someone. It's a huge deal, I imagine. Yet, we accept it so casually. It's entertainment. Was it a offhand deal when a madman shot Rep Giffords? No--it was shocking, horrible. My aunt shot someone decades ago--my aunt had mental problems. It was a huge deal. Anyhow, think about it--lives ended, time's up, over. Some people are bad, evil even (I do believe in evil), but snuffing them out is a huge deal one-to-one. Not the stuff of armchair punditry, spin or "narratives." And as far as I am concerned, not a cause of gleeful celebration. The real problem is--revenge is not enough. Revenge can never do the trick. Not ever.

Anonymous said...
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