Thursday, May 05, 2011

As good for you as broccoli

Melinda Beck writes about the contention that sex is actually good for you (WSJ, May 3, 2011).

It reduces pain, improves sleep, eases depression, strengthens blood vessels, boosts immunity, and may lower the risk of prostate and breast cancer.

But—does sex make you healthier or do healthier people have more sex?

Had to ruin it, right?

Well, the scientists (you know them) offered--you do feel great afterward. Craving-reward. It’s as good as gambling and winning. Very scientific.

The chemical cascade may help you handle stress.

It burns some calories—maybe 150 tops. An orgasm is equal to light housekeeping, calorie-wise, although now MUCH dusting is not revealed.

For men, sex can boost testosterone, which is linked to stronger muscles, more energy, and better thinking.

Sex causes men to think better? Let me work on that one.

Sex also improves women’s moods. They did a test where women having sex without condoms being used felt better—and attributed it to testosterone in the you-know.

Should you try to have more sex? Not necessarily—whatever you have is probably right for you.

Silly scientists! Of course, we should try.

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