Friday, May 13, 2011

Convincing little kids not to smoke

Little kids—not teens. I remember standing before a judge when my daughter was 15 for the offense of her holding an unlit cigarette under age 16. She calmly informed the judge she has started smoking at age 12. I almost fainted! What?

We lived in a tiny apt—I never knew.

Four hundred thousand people under 18 smoke.

Although some campaigns have cut into this, progress is slowing.

Karen Lewis, medical director of the Immunization Office out here, has written an anti-smoking fairytale called The Smoke Wizard.

Her sister’s friend did the illustrations.

Kids as young as 3, she says, love this book.

You can get a copy, English or Spanish, at

My daughter is almost 30 and of course still smokes. The butts are so nasty and skeevy. Yick!

The other day she said she was going to die of lung cancer, so why get a job.


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