Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cutting one cost of the hospital

I am trying to get “permission” to see my eye doctor and am jumping through flaming hoops.

OMG, they do want people to die or just go away gibbering in frustration.

Yet, hospitals have the vampire suck your blood every day you are there. Usually at 4am.

A study at the Univ of Miami says this is a waste of time.

Two tests---complete blood count and total chemistry panel—were studied. For one guy in intensive care, these came to $14,000 plus.

What they did was tell the doctors how much these tests cost. I guess the docs did the math.

I am of two minds on this—we don’t want the docs skimping—such as not wanting people to go to their eye doctor—but we also don’t want kneejerk test ordering.

Might as well have a $1500 MRI, what the heck.

I am sure some smartie in the WH with great insurance, personally, will decide what we can have.

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