Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Going to the doctor--oh joy

I needed a referral to my eye doctor. I had been to the primary in January. Oh, no, needed to come again for the referral. Yes, a regular appointment.

Yes—she would have to look in my eye. The last time a non-eye doc did that, he said, “Ew,” which was so encouraging.

The eye doc said oh, well we will fax her—tell her you must come. They are so nice over there.

So when I called for the appt—surprise! My doctor of January fame had left, they weren’t sure where she went.

It took ages to find her—and the eye records were sent, so I said, who else ya got?

Someone from, according to the medical board, Indiana. I assume that means India—Pradesh something university.

So now I am off again…to wait, to argue over the scale, to climb the mountain, to maybe ask why did the other doctor ask me if I had a heart attack—better not on that, though.

Can of worms—meet opener.

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Star Lawrence said...

Of course, this turned into a complete CF! The new doctor asked me did I snore (all heavy people have apnea, I guess). Etc. She seemed surprised that I had just been there--had normal chol, etc. They told me I HAD to come. She left in the middle and never returned. Pointless. I got the wrong referral, too--and had to call and jump thru more hoops. This isn't even care these days--it sure isn't CARING.