Monday, May 02, 2011

How long will that knee last?

I remember when my father got two hip replacements—he had been a runner and they kept saying, wait another year, another year, another year, because they wanted him to keep them the rest of his life. He had the replacements, then became wheelchair bound from a stroke, but the life of the hips was an issue.

It still is, what with younger people not only wanting replacements but wanting to run still.

Some hips and knees work well for 20 years, with more progress coming. Still, if you are hurting in your fifties, get the surgery, you might need more in your seventies.

One company, Smith & Nephew, is allowed to say their knee lasts 30 years—they tested it with 30 years’ worth of bends.

Inside a person’s leg? Have to wait and see. The more active the person, the more likely a loosening or need for a replacement of the replacement.

One doc says a knew joint is like a sports car—basically, you want to open it up and go!

To be a success, you need to do pre-hab and re-hab. The latter can be painful but you have to gut it out.

The results can be mobility and freedom from pain.

What I am afraid of is—go through all this and someone will say, “Darn, guess you were too fat, sorry it still hurts.”

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