Friday, May 06, 2011

I could cry right now

Women cry 5.3 times a month, men, 1.4 times.

Of course, we know there is no crying in baseball.

Katherine Rosman, WSJ, May 4, 2011, writes that crying just happens—we can’t always control it. John Boehner, call your service.

Cells in female tears actually look different than cells in men’s tears. Tears spill onto women’s cheeks sooner, too—due to smaller tear ducts.

When we are in pain, frustrated, sad, or whatever, a primitive portion of the brain fires up signals that can turn breathing into sobbing.

Testosterone can help men not cry—also cultural conditioning, scrunch your face, think of something else.

Women cry more, as we said, and if they do it at work, 43% percent of women think people who cry at work are unstable. Men cry more as they age, but 47% of men think people who cry at work are unstable.

There are two types of tears—irritant tears to wipe away dust in your eye and emotional tears.

Is crying a good emotional release? Hard to study, the scientists say.

And yes, they do use onions to get people to cry on cue.

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