Thursday, May 19, 2011

Injured rotator cuff? This might help

I had some shoulder thing for almost a year. Could not turn over in bed. Had to latch my bra in front, looking in a mirror, not easy. I would end up staring down at my hands—now what?

My mother also tore her rotator cuff falling—the doctor said it would be like sewing hamburger to hamburger to operate. She got a cortisone shot and has not complained since.

Surgeries can cost, require months of therapy, and then not cure the problem.

A doctor named Loren Fishman, MD, at Columbia has a better way. It’s a yoga-based maneuver and has been peer reviewed. Apparently it increases range of motion and cuts pain in a huge number of cases.

His method makes one muscle group take over for the injured muscle group.

Triangular Forearm Support, it’s called.

I could not find a schematic of it…crazy hard. Spent an hour. Some dude posted someplace that they could at least have the decency to show it…

Apparently, it may be in this set of wall exercises…see what you think.

I hate to be this unhelpful, but I am stumped. Anyone find it anyplace?

How about you, Dr Fishman?


Star Lawrence said...

Dr Fishman's office told me to go to, but I could not find it. He never called me back.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link with some stick figures and written description.

JR said...

donna said...

Here's a link that shows how to do it on the floor - I think you could modify this to the wall.