Monday, May 23, 2011

They are after Ronald now--run, Ronald run!

Come on! A Wendy’s salad is more caloric than a Big Mac. This poor clown Ron is taking the heat!

I know it’s hard to run in those shoes, bud, but you better head for the hills—the nannies are screaming in pursuit.

I remember my kid wailing and begging for Happy Meals—now my sister gets them because she thinks the smaller burgers are a diet food, and believe me, the “prizes” are still crap. They are like pictures of a prize--they sit on the kitchen table, still wrapped, until someone cans them.

It’s the principle for most kids—they want happiness. If a Fry of the French will help, they want it.

McDonalds is finally standing up—Ron stays.

Jeez, the clown is 48, he has had no other job, have a heart. Is he supposed to retrain for Cirque du Soleil?

Ninety-nine percent of consumers recognize the Redhead. Of course, in the list of celebs, he is down with David Spade in popularity.

Mickey and Shrek eat his lunch.

One kid criticized Ronald by saying he was always happy and what with financial problems and tornadoes, no one was always happy.

What a precocious little twit. I’ll give you something to be unhappy about.

Of course, some kids are afraid of clowns—you can never tell what they are thinking, they are masked.

And then of course Stephen King kind of messed with the clown franchise.

But hey, I don’t want to live in a world where clowns can't hawk burgers, do you? Things are weird enough now with lizards selling insurance.

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