Friday, May 27, 2011

Vaccines for addiction

What would happen to the show Intervention if these people had their way?

All the fun drunks?

The predatory junkies?

You scientists!

Mark Long, WSJ, May 3, 2011, says researchers are working on ways to keep the good stuff in drugs from reaching the brain. So, say you do light up or do a line, you get no payback, no good feeling.

There are already some drugs like this. Some have small molecules and operate in the brain—they may, some say, cause increased risk of suicide.

Vaccines work in the bloodstream. They don’t combat cravings, but do block the positive aspects by tricking the immune system into attacking those aspects.

Such approaches are years out, unfortunately. The big companies aren’t interested in countering illegal drugs, for one thing. Some testing is not going well.

And on it goes.

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