Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Watch the kids around water--DUH

Every year, out here, a bunch of toddlers somehow get in the pool and die.

We really need to stop this, people!

I am not thrilled with the analogy, but kids are kinda like cockroaches—they can slide into or under or beside the smallest space, they also constantly check for open doors.

When you child is in the pool, keep your eyes on them all the time.

Enclose the pool (the law here) with a self-closing, self-locking fence—bars should be 4 inches or less apart (see cockroaches, above).

Don’t leave anything near the fence—kids use chairs, stools, a bucket to climb up.

Keep basic lifesaving equipment—a pole, life preservers, a rope—by the pool.

Post CPR instructions and 911 nearby.

Don’t depend on those tacky little water wings—watch the kids, stay in the pool with them, don’t take naps all summer. Be smart!

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