Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wobbly torsos make people feel like 2 cents

I am always so not amused by threads on the NYT Well Blog about how it is right and good to revile and “shame” fat people (I am one) for their body size.

The theory among these worthies seems to be that contempt from doctors and passing pedestrians will motivate people to lose weight, which we all know is easy-peasy and only a matter of wanting to.

They talk about heavy people deliberately embracing a fat lifestyle, when all they had to do apparently is select a red or blue pill.

Now, they have done a study at Yale that looked at the major online news websites and concluded that three-quarters of the pictures or images of large people were stigmatizing.

By this, they meant poorly or unprofessionally dressed, eating unhealthful food, or with heads cut off.

These photos actually make “the problem” worse, researchers concluded. They create prejudice, as if more needed to be created. And it lowers the sense of self-worth of overweight people.

This can make people eat! Or cry. Or even kill themselves. Or kick the cat. Or lead a life of misery and guilt.

At Yale, they have pulled together pictures without stigmatizing elements for news outlets to use. I am going to see if I can get one…hold on. Yes--go to Rudd Center on Dr Google.

I went there and they didn’t have too many. My pix downloading thing is screwed up. Oh, well…

Just lose the stomachs walking along with no heads.

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