Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ah, the pain---I mean joy

I remember parenthood as being surprisingly physically painful—the hard little heads smashing into yours, the lifting, the rubber soled shoes squooshing your flesh, something every day.

Now a pain management doc—Charles Friedman, MD, Pain Relief Centers in Pinellas Park, FL, says fathers may also get the brunt of kid pain.

First, back trouble. Those little tots can be upwards of 25 lbs before you know it. You need to wrestle them in and out of car seats and chairs, often torquing over sideways.

You need to exercise and keep those back muscles strong. Don’t grab the kid with outstretched arms—stay close in. Bend at the knees when reaching down for junior. Don’t carry the child on one hip.

Warm up before playing with kids.

De-stress yourself. Take time out for you.

Maybe a card game. Although my own dad used to get pretty het up during Hearts.

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