Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bye-bye, good stuff

Almost 50 years—I have subscribed to the Wall Street Journal or read it almost half a century. Now, the price doubled—I can’t pay it (food and mortgage, that stuff, you know).

I also blog the stories—need to find out how to get them online if I can drag together the fee there, which I believe is about a hundred (versus almost $500 a yr for the paper).

End of one of my little eras, that’s for sure.

Leaving DC 15 yrs ago was another. I sort of had to for family reasons. But it still hurts. I miss my friends so much. I know several have passed away—I never saw them again. Others moved out of the city and I probably would hardly see them if I were still there. I know the city is not frozen in amber—it has all changed.

Elizabeth Bernstein talks of people moving in the WSJ, June 15, 2011. The good-byes were killer, according to those who moved. People cried. The parties were grim. And, oddly, people picked fights and were angry!

Yes! That happened to me with my screenwriting partner—he was furious!

This story points out that it’s hard to be left behind. You have no control.

One group of five women who dispersed sent a journal around—each wrote in it for a few weeks, then sent it on.

Others stayed in touch by email. I try to do that…Some buds have fallen away. Some, surprisingly, don’t “do” email.

I have one friend left on a talking basis—we phone every day. Still, it hurts…and I have no WSJ now, either.

Oh, well, the country is crumbling, everything is flooding, burning, or blowing away. It could be worse.

Or so they tell me.

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