Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Can you schedule an emergency?

Existential, isn’t it?

Lois K Solomon, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, May 23, 2011, says for $9.99 nine South Florida hospitals will guarantee immediate entry into the ER.

Non-life-threatening emergencies can go to and get an appointment.

Money-back if you are not treated in 15 minutes.

The idea is that people rest at home instead of in chaotic and germ-filled waiting rooms.

Average wait time in American ERs—4 hours. Out here, as many as 10 hrs. I have done it. Once, 13 hrs.

When the patient comes online, they are asked about their symptoms. According to a doctor quoted, this requires real knowledge of symptoms—don’t want heart attacks staying home.

They have to pay $10—and of course, someone will pay much more—insurance company, patient, someone.

This sounds sort of bogus to me, although I have waited interminably for myself, my sister and my mother. Why not get a same-day doc appt? Or go to Walgreens or some small clinic? Or Urgent Care?

What do you think?

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