Friday, June 24, 2011

Do you hate yourself? Why make allergies worse?

Summer—we’re outside, the noses run faster than the feet heading for first base.

What are you doing wrong? Could be you ARE making allergies worse.

If you are under stress, this aggravates the blood elements that trigger allergies.

Drinking alcohol in the evening can make your nose run.

Maybe you didn’t start your shots early enough.

Are you washing in water below 140 degrees? You are being too nice to those dust mites!

Those houseplants—they can cause allergies.

Do you have an indoor pool—chlorine is highly irritating.

Also, if you only shower in the morning, try to rinse off the pollen and crud at night, too.

Some docs also recommend Vitamin C—1000 mg twice a day—as an antihistamine.

Eat magnesium—meaning nuts, beans, green leafies, and bananas.

Wear sunglasses—sun makes watery eyes worse. We have an argument in our family- I hate wearing sunglasses, even though I should, of course.

Wait--you have a pool? So jealous!

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