Wednesday, June 01, 2011

How are we doing blood pressure-wise?

Ron Winslow, WSJ, May 31, 2011, says the war on hypertension may be working somewhat.

At Kaiser, 80% are controlled.

They attribute this to programs for diet, exercise, and BP. Oh—and Kaiser also strarted patients on a pill that has two meds in it (ACE inhibitor and diuretic). They also called people to come in and be checked.

A reading of 120/80 is still the norm.

The other day at the doctor, I was 144/99. I am on three meds! Then—oh, it was 144/80…Do they even know how to take it? I am usually 135/75.

Who knows… This is one thing I do sort of believe in handling, though. If you can. At least take the pills.


Anonymous said...

I'd be interested in your take on the doctor (from Duke?) quoted on a recent People's Pharmacy who is concerned about blood pressure being lowered too much in the elderly, causing them to fall and increasing the potential for injury/death that way. He spoke of 120/80 not being considered good enough and where that could lead.


Star Lawrence said...

Yes, there has been some questioning of these baseline "normnals." For body temp, too. I am on BP meds, but once fell over in the groc store from a giant drop in pressure to 90/50. Bam! On the floor, paramedics, etc. My sister's busband was put on lisinopril, dropped too low--he's a pilot. That can be tricky. You need to get that blood to the brain, period. That's why I said, if the person feels crappy, maybe one size did not fit all. Thanks for commenting.