Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Latest medical horror story

Arizona is a medical torture chamber. I miss DC—where they have research hospitals, trained doctors even politicians will go to, and so on. Here…pot luck. Little storefront offices, rude staff, error after error.

I got a detached retina five yrs ago due to a medication for another ailment (thanks ever so) that made my eye bleed all to hell. Four surgeries…blind on the right.

In the course of all this messing around, they cut the nerve to the surface of my eye—so I can get an infection that could melt through the cornea—and not feel it. Therefore they told me to check every quarter to be sure there was no infection.

I have kept up with it pretty well…the copay is expensive under my new insurance, but I went yesterday.

The technician tested vision, then pressure in my eyes. My blind eye was normal—16. But my good eye was 30!! Bad! Could be glaucoma or maybe I would need a med I could not afford—or how about those shots in the eyeball everyone was getting for macular degeneration? I freaked. Was almost in tears.

We waited the usual hour, then the doctor said oh, no, it was fine—the so-called tech was the boss’s 15-yr-old son there for the summer. He laughed it off—“I am a real doctor, you are fine.”

Well, let’s see what the medical board thinks, shall we?

I reported this bozo! Send Doogie to camp or something!

Come on—even for Arizona…


Keith Koffler said...

How awful. Reminds me of the Russian pilot who let his kid fly the plane, and then it crashed.

Star Lawrence said...

Trumped me! Far worse!

Star Lawrence said...

The medical board did find this was worthy of investigation. They said they couldn't go after the doctor's bad sense of humor and weird bedside manner, but could question his office procedures.