Monday, June 27, 2011

Owie--sunburn no joke

I got some horrible sunburns as a teen—big blisters like bunches of grapes. Now, we learn, these boneheaded plays can lead to melanoma and you are more or less doomed. I am hoping less, but who knows.

First, wear sunscreen—the newfangled ones protect against all UV rays. Get those.

Also—sun block is limited—you can only spend a certain amt of time in the sun despite wearing it. All day—bad idea (see above), even if you reapply.

Darla Porter, RN, of the Covenant Health Plan, offers some other sunburn tips.

Topical creams such as aloe vera, cocoa butter, and lidocaine offer the best relief. My dad (physician) said smearing lidocaine over a wide area was not a fab idea—so you decide.

Vinegar works to take the sting out.

Wash with Hibiclens or another antiseptic cleanser to prevent infection. I love Hibiclens—get some to have on hand for any infections, rashes, etc.

Peeled cucumber slices are good for intense areas.

Drink plenty of water.

If you get fever, chills, dizziness, headaches, purple blotches, visual problems, or those blisters—get thee to a doctor! Maybe an urgent care center.

Stay out of the sun while you heal. Sun hurts on sunburn anyway.

This is a burn, people—from a big radioactive inferno, not a stove. Don’t be a dope.


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