Thursday, June 23, 2011

Scars can be changed or hidden

Dr Jeffrey Siegel is a plastic surgeon and professor at Boston Univ. He has some tips on dealing with scars.

Many scars sink in—these are called depressed scars. The shadow makes them more visible. Doctors can raise the scar up.

Scars can be shrunken if they are lumpy keloid tissue.

If scars are a straight line they are more prominent. Our bodies have curved lines—scars that are straight pop out. A surgeon can break up the line into pieces, making it less visible.

Or the doctor can scratch or scrape over the scar, healing around it and incorporating it.

A bad scar that was not treated or sewed up properly can be redone.

If a scar is perpendicular to a wrinkle, this can be adjusted for a better blend.

Darker scars fade over time, but can be lightened with medication. Lighter scars can be tinted by tattoo.

New injuries should be treated so as to minimize the scarring. Stay out of the sun while healing!

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