Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Some good ideas for "seasoneds"

I prefer seasoned to senior—salty AND peppery! OK—pretty corny. I can be.

Anyhow, Peggy Buchanan, coordinator of vitality/wellness, for Front Porch, nonprofit retirement communities in Southern California, has some ideas for “seasoneds” who start feeling puny.

If you start feeling tired around 3 PM, drink water and eat a few high anti-oxidant foods, such as prunes.

Try a few word games.

Pole walk a little—like those ski poles only there is no snow and scary ice.

Dine with someone. If you are talking, you will eat less.

Introduce new foods, take a different route on your walk. The example was replace canned peaches with fresh—God grief, trip to the store, need a ride, where did they move those peaches, where is the knife, do they have tinkers anymore to sharpen these… Well, I guess that would count as a change of routine.

Wear supportive shoes. Or socks with padding.

Increase Omega-3. Fish, nuts, olive oil—you know the drill.

Decrease salt, increase salsa. You really need flavor. Peppers have it.

Dance a lot. I leave that one to you.

I say if you demand fresh peaches, douse them in salsa, and do the dirty boogie, they will haul out the strait jacket, but you know how I am!

I do recommend a nice cocktail maybe. Do they have Omega-3 cocktails?

I am kidding, Peggy! Don't hit me with a ski pole.

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