Monday, June 06, 2011

Speaking of drug interactions

Right after (below) saying to check for drug interactions, bam, an article on how the drugstore “checker” does not always work.

Anne Ryman, AZ Republic, May 31, 2011, says the University of AZ looked at the software pharmacies use to flag bad interactions and found that only 28% of pharmacies caught all the interactions of 13 major drugs. The results are in the J of American Pharmacists Assn (May-June).

We need to be vigilant still, the docs said.

There are many programs out there. They are not standardized.

You should ask—are there other drugs I should not take?

Get all your pills from one store. Have the pharmacist go over the list.

There are also websites you can go to. These can be wrong, too, though.

One is CVS has a checker on its site.

You are the one swallowing these--check!

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