Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer footwear is killer

Temple University’s Dr Kendrick Whitney says summer is murder on the tootsies.

Not just summer—my sister, Mom and I look at Harper’s Bazaar every Sat and those Red Carpet shoes with the single tiny strap across the top of the foot or those giant covered foot tops make us moan with pain at the sight. The cutting straps, the buckles, aieee.

Our Red Carpet walks being limited out here in the desert, we bang around in sandals and ballet flats and anything that won’t torture us. Well, I do, anyway—sis will wear “bad” shoes.

Whitney says there are pluses and minuses to summer faves. Toning sneakers, with rocker bottoms, came out of the nineties. They were meant to be unstable, make the leg muscles work harder.

Now, those buzzkills at the American Council of Exercise say that is sort of a croc, er, crock. You’ve have to walk miles a day for any conceivable return.

The shoes do make the wearer more motivated, he says. The big heavy ones are like ankle weights.

Those barefoot running shoes? Funky, five-toed. They can be OK—if you are experienced at barefoot running, but most Westerners hit heel first.

Have a doctor look at your feet to be sure they are OK for this type of shoe. A doctor? Seriously?

Rollup flats (to be stuffed in a purse) or flip-flops, Whitney says, are excuses for foot coverings. Hmpf…well, not good. They are like wearing slippers, he sniffs.

Actually, some flipflops have padding on the forefoot and arches and the heel cup is lower to the ground.

How about that sore place between your toes?

I read another story that said the proper way to pop blisters was essential to life.

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