Friday, June 10, 2011

Time for nappies

I don’t know about you, but after a few hours of stupid politics and trolling for jobs, I feel like a nap.

I almost never do it—but according to a story in the June Costco Connection by Rita Colorito—I should.

Naps are not just for when you slept badly the night before. They clear the short-term memory storage—“Where am I?” Well, maybe not “Where am I?” but clearer.

According to a Berkeley study, 60 to 90 minutes including REM sleep makes you most open to positive emotions.

Sleep, one doc said, is not passive—like recharging batteries. It is kind of like defragging your hard drive.

OK, OK—the comparisons are out of control! Try for 50 minute naps, this seems to be the ideal.

These researchers say lie down, grab a blanket, wear a mask or close the blinds, and don’t nap within three hours of bedtime.

I wonder how many employers would go for this. I know the govt recently said to air traffic controllers—No naps for you!

Incidentally--speaking of the June Costco Connection--I have a story on page 65.

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